6 Reasons To Fire Your Real Estate Agent Now

Fire your real estate agent. Why would you do that? I’ll start with 3 questions: Do you have your home listed with a real estate agent? Are trying to purchase a new home? Are you satisfied with the results so far? If you answered yes to the last question fire your real estate agent for non-conformance.6 Reasons To Fire Your Real Estate Agent Now  - Are you satisfied with your agent

On the other hand, a professional Real estate agent can be very helpful in the selling and buying of a home. However, not every agent can be considered a professional.

When you use a Real Estate agent to buy or sell a home you are hiring an employee to perform a specific task. To clarify, you are hiring someone to help you make one of the largest financial decisions that you may ever make. The keyword here is “Hiring”. So consequently, you can “Fire” an agent just as easily as you can hire one. Here are some reasons to tell your agent adios.

Lack of communication

Communication or lack thereof is the number one complaint when it comes to real estate agents. A great real estate agent is usually extremely busy. However, if an agent cannot return your phone call in a reasonable amount of time maybe it is time to say goodbye. In other words, a good real estate agent should have a follow-up system.

Even if nothing is happening and there are no showings, an agent should report to you at least every week.

Professional tip: Ask your real estate agent when you first interview them for the job you are going to hire them for. How will she be communicating with you?

Does not Listen

When you first meet your agent look for signs of what they are interested in. You can tell right away if you listen to the 6 Reasons To Fire Your Real Estate Agent Now - real estate not paying attentionlanguage she is using. Personally, I would stay clear of agents that start right off by boasting of many years they have been in the business.

This is not an indication of their worth. I want to know how many houses have they sold this year. I don’t care about the rest. See, it has been my experience, that even though an agent has been working as an agent for 30 years doesn’t really mean she has actually been working. I hope that makes sense.

Keep in mind when you are interviewing an agent to work for you that the world does not revolve around the real estate agent, it should revolve around you the client. Most importantly, you are the employer.

If you feel like your agent is not listening to you ask them to repeat what you just said.

Bad Pictures

A picture is worth a thousand words. That is to say, if you have your house already listed with an agent, have you looked at your listing online? It is strange how many sellers never look at their listings online. 6 Reasons To Fire Your Real Estate Agent Now - bad picture

For example, no listing should contain photographs of dark rooms, a bathroom with the toilet seat up, or my all-time favorite: sideways. In short, the pictures are the first and sometimes only impression that a potential buyer sees.

I have sold houses to clients that were not in the area. They went solely on the pictures or video that I provided. So, if you don’t like the pictures or descriptions the agent is using make them change it.

Keep in mind you are the boss and it is your investment. You are paying your agent a lot of money they can at least show up to work.

Does not or cannot explain paperwork

Above all, sellers and buyers need to rely on an agent to explain paperwork to them. There are many state and local regulated disclosures that sellers are required to give to a buyer. In addition, the difficulty of trying to understand lengthy purchase contracts.

Unprofessional or unethical behavior

Buying or selling a house can be incredibly stressful. Added drama is the last thing you need. That is to say, if your agent is yelling, screaming, and or using obscenities their behavior unacceptable as a real estate professional. Regardless of one’s emotions, an agent should always treat everyone with respect.

Appears to be in for themselves

Real estate agents are sometimes paid very well for their efforts. With that said, the seller’s and buyer’s interest should always be first and foremost. An agent that continually boast about how long they have been in business or how many homes they have sold may not have your best interest at hand.

Final Thoughts

Real estate is one of the most expensive investments you may make in your life. It is very important to understand everything that is going on whether you are buying or selling.

A hungry agent just wants a sale, they may not necessarily have your best interest at hand. Always remember you are the one with the money. If you don’t like what is going fire your real estate agent.

Thank you for reading I hope I left something here for you. If you have any experience, questions, or comments that you would like to share please leave them below and I will respond as quickly as possible.

About the Author: Chuck Adkins is a Realtor in the Milton, Pensacola Florida area. Likewise, he is the author of Help Baby Fall Asleep, Chuck Adkins Realtor, and Grill and Accessories blogs click here to read Chuck’s other work